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    ESET proactively protects
    the Google Play Store

App Defense Alliance

The goal of the App Defense Alliance is to ensure the safety of the Google Play Store—finding potentially harmful applications and stopping them before they ever make it into the marketplace.

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Google selected partners based on existing collaborations and threat detection capabilities. ESET's award-winning detection engine protects users by proactively scanning the Google Play Store, finding and analyzing threats to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

What Google is saying

"Partnering with a respected member of the cybersecurity industry like ESET will enhance the protection of the Google Play ecosystem." Dave Kleidenmacher, head of Android security and privacy, Google

About ESET

ESET makes the only product to ever pass the magical threshhold of 100 VB100 Awards by Virus Bulletin.

Founded in 1987 with its first retail product hitting store shelves in Austria three years later, ESET has established itself as a forerunner in security and malware detection and prevention. With over 1,300 staff as of 2016, this partner-driven company has been protecting against malware for more than 30 years.

ESET software is specifically crafted to be fast, lightweight and stable, and regularly wins independent business and consumer awards. ESET has grown to become a top-4 global IT security vendor.

ESET's proactive approach to malware prevention has made ESET products the first and only to have been awarded 100 VB 100 Awards from Virus Bulletin. This third-party evaluator of antimalware products is one of the world leaders in security software testing.

ESET has grown into a global brand with over 100 million users in over 200 countries.

About Mtek Digital

Located in Barrie, Ontario, Mtek Digital, formerly Positive E Solutions, has been an officially authorized partner of ESET North America since 2004. As ESET North America is based in San Diego, sales and support of ESET's products in Canada has been directly handled by Mtek Digital for more than 8 years.

Mtek Digital is an authorized provider of all ESET products and services, ESET MSP licensing provision, and a sub-seller program to provision these same services to computer shops and IT firms across the country.

In January, 2017 ESET North America opened a new headquarters for Canada in Toronto, and the following month awarded us the Most Valued Partner award at their North American Partner Conference in San Diego. With the new Canadian headquarters, we work directly and officially with the team at ESET Canada's head office, ensuring our customers receive the best, most timely service, and the best price.

We are a multi-year recipient of ESET's "Most Valued Partner" award.

As a step in its growth, Positive E Solutions merged with Edmonton-based Mtek Digital in 2021, subsequently changing its name to Mtek Digital.

Mtek Digital's ESET sales team is available to both Canadian and American customers.

Learn more about our close partnership in this article written by ChannelBuzz.ca.

To learn more about Mtek Digital, visit our web site at mtekdigital.ca.